The Mojo behind the Mojo

Mojo Works has been providing low voltage services to businesses and homes in the Metro Atlanta since 2003. Founded as JCL Telco & Sound Inc back in 2001 we began in the good 'ol days of the tech boom installing internet services for ISP's and offering networking, IT, and basic A/V services to homes and offices all over Georgia. With the changing times and world of technology we knew that the needs of our clients and future clients were heading in a whole new direction. With this new direction we extended our services, man power and coverage area to the entire Southeast. On top of this new venture we decided we had to give our company look...well...a new look! So, we give you Mojo Works! Our team brings over 40 years of combined experience in the low-voltage arena. Our smart designs plus customer service driven approach makes us an easy choice no matter what the project might be. When it comes to deployment your design is as only as good as your installation team. Our installers and tech's not only know electronics but also general construction and fabrication. It's called custom for a reason!

  • Featured in Atlanta Magazine
  • Official Sponsor and Technology Provider of the Atlanta Art House '07
  • Provider of all Low Voltage Systems to the Top Chef Winner Richard Blais's Flip Burger Boutique Restaurants and Bar's
  • Multiple Design and System Deployments for Homeland Security and Canadian Consulate

Our Work Team

  • alt Chase Luck President/Sales/Designer
  • alt Adam Luck Fabricator/Lead Technician
  • alt Kevin Hinanmen Diagnostics/ Lead Technician
  • alt Ron Burgundy San Diego News Anchor
  • alt Tess Hutcherson Office Administrator
  • alt Keith Gibson Designer