Mojo Works Introduces MojoGo


Your Home's IQ Can Be Higher Then You Thought.


How intelligent is your home? When you walk in the door after a long day of work does your home welcome you with a cool living room, secure path of lights, an unlocked door plus a quick snapshot of what your home has been doing while you were away?  Mojo Works would like to introduce you to MojoGo.

The world of technology has given us a ton of great gadgets...some of which have a higher 'cool' factor than actual utility. If there is one area where technology can be usefully employed to ensure optimization of your hard earned dollars as well as providing you with peace of mind and security, why not take advantage?

MojoGo can protect and automate your home while managing energy consumption via heating and air, lighting and much more. All this tied up in one neat package. Controlled from your MojoGo panel or remotely via your computer, iPad or smartphone you are in total control at anytime, anywhere.

The traditional security system has not changed significantly since the 80's. Security systems of the past are clunky, non-versative and frankly have earned a spot in the Smithsonian along beside dryer lint. MojoGo is tailored to your needs utilizing the latest in proven wireless, GSM and ZWave technology. Protection and security while managing and automating energy consuming services more effectively? MojoGo has you completely covered. Let's raise your home's IQ.